Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Aerospace Club Shoots for the Stars

Last week, Time Warner Austin (Channel 8)  visited the Westwood Aerospace Club (division of the Westwood Engineering Club) meeting and many members were interviewed! Members were interviewed about their upcoming near-space balloon missions and STEM in general and were videotaped working on the team capsule and airplane for their next flight (April 26th, WHS, 9AM).

If you would like to see more of the team, check out the blurb from the producer:

"The aerospace club segment will run locally on TWC News - broadcast multiple times throughout this weekend, and I also plan to submit it to our NY station (NY1) for inclusion in the national monthly show called “It Ain’t RocketScience” . The show runs in Austin at the end of April and showcases STEM stories from around the country and runs in all Time Warner Cable markets (NY, LA, Carolinas…et al)."

And, stay tuned for more updates from the near-space balloon missions!